Respect Life Sunday

The first Sunday of October each year marks a tradition that is over 40 years old: I had to chuckle when the sermon began - here is was, Respect for Life Sunday, and...  

I had taken THIRTEEN kids to church with me -- 
and we were all sitting in same pew -- for Sunday Mass! 

Funny thing is -- only SIX of those kids were mine!!!

I run a 24/7 daycare and SEVEN of the kids were with us for the evening because their parents were working. So picture this:  my daycare kids were 6 months, 1yo, 2yo, 3yo, 6yo, 8yo, 10yo and my own kids who were with me are 11yo, 12yo, 14yo, 15yo, 18yo and 20yo. Gotta love it!

Best of all was that all the kids were all very well behaved, keeping in mind that most of my daycare kids have families who do not attend church services.

Respect for Life? Me? You betcha!

Aquinas & More has a great article on Respect for Life HERE. It is an article well worth your time. Make sure to click through to all their links. I love what they said:
"As the sun sets on the first Sunday of October, do not let Respect Life Sunday end as merely a slogan. As ever, we Catholics must not simply listen to the gospel and homily then head home and forget the message. We must carry the message out into our entire lives, including the public square, living the gospel message every day."
The US Conference of Catholic Bishops has an entire page of Respect Life resources HERE. The New Evangelization calls each of us to deepen our Faith. At the opening ceremonies of the  2012 Year of Faith Pope Benedict XVI provided us with a fundamental truth to reflect on:
"Faith opens our eyes to human life in all its grandeur and beauty."
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