My Favorite Homeschooling Facebook Groups

Homeschool Curriculum Free for Shipping
Admin:  Deana Hipwell, blogger at The Frugal Homeschooling Mom

"The organization exists as a means of providing used homeschool books, materials, supplies and other resources to families in need within the homeschool community.... Members of the group are willing to give their used materials to others, receiving no profits in return. Recipients are responsible for paying only the shipping costs of the items they receive. When they are finished, they are expected to pay it forward by offering the item free of charge to another homeschooling family."

For homeschooling, this is my absolute FAVORITE Facebook group of all time! 
I had so much fun giving away several hundred dollars worth of homeschool materials last month. The mission of this group is so incredibly inspiring! I also love the fact that the givers have the freedom to decide how to determine the winner/receiver. How exciting! The organization has an informational Facebook page at and a website/blog at HCFFS has grown to offer, by means of application-based donations, free packages of new curriculum donated by vendors and creative ways to bless families with gift cards through member monetary collections and matching gifts. This is a MUST for homeschoolers.

Montessori Material For Sale
Admin:  Trish Corlew

" .... a place for homeschoolers to be able to list and sell or buy Montessori Materials .... my heart is to help homeschoolers implement Montessori in their homeschool."

I am so happy to have discovered this group. I had thought of asking Daisy if I could start a Facebook group for the Montessori Swap Yahoo egroup - but when I found Montessori Material For Sale - I found the need for a Facebook group for selling used Montessori materials - had already met. 

Catholic Homeschool Curriculum Swap
Head Admin: Alessandra Salazar

"This is a Catholic list, all items must be Catholic-only or at least from companies that are not anti-Catholic.... This is a Swap and Chat list.... Homeschooling materials that are acceptable for sale or exchange are defined as textbooks, workbooks, source books, literature, math manipulatives, paper and supplies, computer software only, and tapes/ CDs that are specifically educational or religious in nature."

I am a long time member of the Cath Swap Yahoo egroup.. (since it's beginning in 1999)... but I really love this new venue via Facebook. It's so great to be able to see pics of the items being offered and my items have sold more quickly on Facebook than on Yahoo.

Montessori Homeschooling
Admin: Bess Weurtz and Christine Cramer Howieson

"Montessori Homeschooling is open to anyone with an interest in using the Montessori Method for home education (homeschooling). Our group encompasses individuals who are working with children in all age ranges although our focus is specifically on school age children in primary, elementary and beyond."

This is one of my favorite Montessori Facebook groups. 
An incredibly friendly, creative and inspirational group!

Admin: Suzanne Wilhelmi - blogger at Teaching from a Tackle Box

"Through this group I will offer guided Montessori materials making. I will offer plans, printables and assignments for the basic materials needed to start preparing your home environment for Montessori education."

I am the owner of this group where I share my plans for DIY Montessori materials featuring my exclusive designs for Teaching from a Tackle Box.

~ Suzanne ~

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